Swinside Lodge, Keswick

The newly renovated Swinside Lodge is a Georgian, early 1800’s property based in Newlands Valley, Keswick, close to the shores of Lake Derwentwater. The property is a holiday rental, with plenty of bedrooms, large living spaces and gorgeous surroundings.

Innermost Interiors have designed and project managed three bedrooms and the entrance hall of the property.

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To transform the properties hall, stairs and landing to create a lighter and more welcoming space, to create schemes for two, first floor double bedrooms, and to design a quirky second floor bedroom aimed towards children which is also able to cater for two adults if needed.

The designs should flow with the rest of the house but don’t have to be too ‘samey’ which will result in a quirky, boutique hotel-style finish. The Georgian style and age of the property need to be respected and the interiors shouldn’t be too contemporary to reflect this. The atmosphere should be homely and premium to suit the grandeur of the property. The beautiful surroundings of Newlands Valley, Catbells, Derwentwater etc should be considered in each interior. The finishes should not be too fussy or difficult to maintain as this will be a holiday rental- furnishings will need to stand wear and tear.


The interiors of Swinside Lodge will project the beauty of its Lake District surroundings and the history of the property itself whilst being an inviting and homely holiday rental. The interiors should be cohesive with the rest of the properties design and existing elements but will have a ‘boutique hotel’ feel with each bedroom differing slightly for a quirky finish. The colour scheme and patterns will be inspired by nature and the famous Beatrix Potters illustrations, with a ‘Peter Rabbit Blue’ colour being present. Beatrix Potter illustrations and extracts from her stories could be framed along with Wordsworth poems which refer to Newlands Valley, Wainwright maps, artwork and prints of the area etc; this will create huge interest for those who stay in the property. Simple-to-install wood panelling and coving in the bedrooms will add to the character of the property, creating layers of texture for a luxury feel. Storage baskets and a seating area near the boot and coat storage will help to keep this area tidy and create a handy area for sitting to tie shoe laces etc. Ornate mirrors and frames in here will help to accentuate the history and create a lighter, more welcoming feel alongside a nature inspired wallpaper.

Bedroom I

The first bedroom is based around a country theme. Simple, wood panelling adds character to the wall behind the bed; creating a focal point along with the striking, Mulberry ‘Game Bird’ wallpaper above. Either side of the bed are brass wall lights and above, an antler style pendant light. The bed itself is a traditional, French-style, double bed with matching oak bedside tables and chest of drawers opposite. Tying in with these furnishings, an antique chair next to the window creates a cosy corner to admire the view. Colours from the wallpaper are replicated in decorative cushions, a throw and curtains adding warmth and texture to this bedroom.


Finished Photos

Bedroom II

The second bedroom follows a much more botanical and feminine scheme with delicate florals and pastel pink and purple colours. In this room the existing bed has been made a feature using panels of ‘sweet pea’ wallpaper  framed by white coving. Around the coving is a textured, shimmer wallpaper adding another layer of texture for a cosy and luxurious feel; this creates a statement against the other walls which are painted in Farrow & Ball’s ‘Green Smoke’ to tone down the feminine patterns.

Traditional style furnishings and antiques in here add to the history and character of the house. There are traditional ceramic table lamps and a rustic, French chic chandelier which ties in with the distressed-look, bed-end bench.


Finished Photos

Bedroom III

The third bedroom designed by Innermost has been aimed towards children (following a Beatrix Potter theme) but still has the capacity for two adults to stay in here. There are two single beds dressed in ‘Peter rabbit blue’ textiles which contrast with a brick coloured decorative cushion tying in with the wallpaper illustrations. A blue curtain matches the blue cushion which is hung on a swinging curtain pole that can be pulled out of the way so that no natural light is obstructed from the gorgeous dormer window. A mirror opposite the window helps to reflect even more light around this bedroom as well as reflecting the opposite view. A ‘mini wardrobe’ sits bellow the mirror enabling some hanging and draw space without making the room appear too enclosed. Final elements in this design include a wooden rabbit table lamp, framed Beatrix Potter illustrations and a wooden chair.


Finished Photos

Entrance Hall

The main problem with the entrance hall was its lack of lighting and vibrancy. Adding this gorgeous, traditional and nature inspired wallpaper against Farrow & Balls ‘Cinder Rose’ paint colour has completely transformed the space- brightening up the room and creating a more welcoming entrance to the property. The Borastapeter wallpaper has a slight sheen which helps to reflect light around the room along with large mirrors and gold, gilt frames. A lighter coloured rug also really lifts and brightens the floor.

Around the corner a fabulous seating and coat and boot storage area has been created for guests to come in, take their walking boots off and relax.


Finished Photos