Storage Solutions


A home needs to be full of the things you love- in this case this family had loads of books but nowhere to store them or have them on display. The brief was to transform the living room focussing on storage solutions to house lots of books. The design needed to have shelving for some books to be on display as well as some storage to tidy books away into. It was essential that the storage didn’t make the room look smaller or too cramped.

The living room is mostly used for family time, watching TV and relaxing. The overall atmosphere created should be relaxing and calming. Occasionally the room is used for entertaining guests.

Concept & Inspiration

The design has been based around the desired mustard sofas and grey colour scheme however inspiration has been taken from other interiors which also include pops of teal blue for added vibrancy. Inspiration has been taken from the built in TV units/ bookshelves to the right as well as the modular book storage unit.


Overall, storage solutions have been created to store and display plenty of books, and storage drawers have been created for Lego. There is enough storage for everything to be tidied away, creating the minimalist look required.

The style of the interior is contemporary and minimalist with bright, clean white and grey tones, blended with bright pops of mustard and teal. Acoustic style panels also add to the contemporary finish and create a feature around the existing fireplace.

A relaxing and calming atmosphere has been created through colour, pattern and lighting.