Scottish Highlands Inspired Living Room


The living room design has been based around the Scottish Highlands, sea and the families love for the outdoors with lots of natural elements such as wooden furniture, leather and driftwood/fishing boat rope hints amongst tartan and patchwork. These elements have all been incorporated into a really contemporary scheme of midnight blues, navy’s, light blues and greys with black and silver highlights and contrasting patterns.


The Décor chosen for this design is a navy blue, tartan wallpaper which highlights the existing chimney breast and log burner creating a focal point in the room. The blue from this wallpaper is continued with paint either side of the chimney breast. A pale blue/grey paint around the rest of the room is used to soften the navy, for a light and bright feel; navy blue curtains tie in with the opposite feature wall.

For this layout the seating has been based around a really fun and quirky, patchwork chesterfield sofa suggested by the client which has been used in the form of a cuddle chair here. As this is more of a traditional style sofa, a contemporary sofa opposite will really blend this into a newer style property. The patches of blue on the chesterfield will tie in with a blue velvet sofa. The client liked the idea of recovering and reusing their existing chairs rather than just replacing them; it’s been suggested that these could be covered in a light, tan leather bringing them up to date and incorporating them into this scheme with a natural texture and warm finish! Alternatively a grey/white and blue, quirky patterned fabric would work really well on these chairs.


Overall, the living room has been transformed in this design into a contemporary, fun and relaxing space with quirky elements and hints towards Scottish heritage. There are lots of natural textures incorporated throughout bringing the outside in. The suggested colour scheme of navy’s, blues, greys and silvers has been used but warmed up with contrasting pink tones, and tan leather fabrics as well as the patchwork cuddle chair. A major dislike of the current living room is lighting, therefore lots of new and different sources of light have been suggested to brighten up this room.

This design has been done completely virtually for the client, to read more about this service click the link below: