1885 Victorian House Restoration


Holmwood House, Langholm is a large period property dating back to 1885. The property is being totally renovated and transformed into a family home, keeping and restoring historical interior features but bringing the property up to date with the 21st century. The entire ground floor is going to be accessible.

Hallway, Stairs & Landing

The hallway, stairs and landing interior design is largely inspired by the colours of the original tiled flooring in the hallway. The primary colours are warm, light and bright to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. This original flooring is blended with contemporary gold lighting, furniture and pops of bright colour.

Half- height wood panelling will wrap around all of the walls and alongside the stairs. A cosy window seat will be created on the first floor landing.

As this is the entrance to the property an element of the area’s history is brought into the hallway design using an equestrian style wallpaper to represent the Common Riding.

Living Room

The living room concept is a complete blend of traditional and contemporary.

Oriental, Victorian inspired patterns against contemporary colours, traditional style seating with contemporary gold statement furnishings and light fixtures and contemporary art and mirrors contrasted against traditional panelled walls.

The interior will be relaxing and homely with a luxurious but cosy feel.

Kitchen/ Diner

The kitchen concept blends the contemporary pilot blue cabinets with the exposed brick wall using contemporary, raw finishes and more luxurious, traditional velvet textures.

The original hallway tiles of the property have inspired the kitchen tiles which are blended with a line of contemporary tiles.

Victorian inspired fabric also brings in an element of the properties history to this contemporary interior.

Contemporary wallpaper matches this colourway.

Contemporary blues and greens will add pops of colour, creating a cosy feel without taking away from a light and bright interior.

Black contemporary light fixtures and furnishings tie in with the kitchen cabinet handles and gold touches add a luxurious element.

Therapy Room

The therapy room has been inspired by all sensory elements.

Colour, Lighting, texture and sound have been considered through the entire design.

Rainbow colours are used for a really funky effect, yet the room still appears adult and cool. Lots of cushions and textiles create colour and contrast and create a cosy atmosphere through layers of texture.

Sensory, colour changing lighting should be used around the picture rail, lighting up the entire ceiling and giving the ability to change the atmosphere with a remote control. A personalised neon name light has also been included as well as additional sensory lights.

An artificial green wall has created a feature behind the TV adding more texture and interest. Bringing the outside in is great for relaxation especially on days when it isn’t possible to get outside due to weather etc.

Zones have been created such as the seating area around the TV for sitting with family and the table area which can be used for arts and crafts. The entire room is accessible.

Accessible BedRoom

The accesible bedroom has been designed to flow with the therapy room, when the double doors are open two the spaces will appear as one for a cohesive feel.

Just like the therapy room, the bedroom has been inspired by all sensory elements. Colour, lighting and texture have been considered through the entire design.

The rainbow colours are continued into the bedroom creating a funky wrap-around feature wall behind the bed with colourful graffiti wallpaper and a personalised graffiti name, wall decal above the bed.

A similar, but much narrower storage bench has been created in this design for additional storage and seating whilst keeping the room wheelchair accessible. This uses the same coloured cushions and blinds for a really funky but cosy finish. There will also be red curtains to make the bedroom even cosier and add more colour- tying in with a red throw on the bed.

Additional storage is seen in here with a tall, coloured drawer unit and bedside table. There will also be two large built-in cupboards.

There is a bedside, plug-in wall light (which is also seen above the drawers) and there are two colour changing lights to be able to change the atmosphere in here.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom design is luxury and relaxing with a blend of sumptuous colours and textures for a really high quality finish. Burgundy had been suggested as a main colour but without making the room too dark, this concept includes burgundy above the picture rail and on the ceiling creating an effect which makes the space so cosy and luxury. Textured, shimmer wallpaper lines the other walls.

Three panels of traditional/ contemporary wallpaper frame the bed, luxury mirrored furnishings add to contrasting textures along with luxury velvet and contemporary boucle fabric. Floral cushions add a slight hint of tradition. A bright, contemporary teal breaks up the burgundy hints. A contemporary chair creates a cosy reading corner to one side of the room. 

Family Bathroom

Every bedroom in this property has it’s own en-suite but a separate, larger family bathroom is also being created. This will be a really luxury and high spec interior. Glossy marble effect tiles, blended with wood effect tiles which frame the centre of the bathroom.

The details are all mainly gold chrome with touches of dark blue throughout shown in the sink unit and contemporary tiles within the cubby holes.

Traditionally Victorian houses would have freestanding baths with floor standing taps. A contemporary spin on this with a more contemporary roll-top bath and contemporary gold chrome tap has been included.

They’ll be lots of natural elements which will create the really relaxing atmosphere such as the marble, wood effect, slate effect shower tray and faux plants contrasted against the luxury, modern elements such as the blue and gold.

Teenage Sons Bedroom

The concept of this 18 year olds bedroom incorporates existing furniture such as the navy doubled bed and two black, glossy drawer units. The overall scheme is neutral and contemporary. A monochrome effect is included using a contrast of black and white throughout- this is softened with navy and tan colour tones to create an overall relaxing and calming atmosphere.

As this is such a big room there is space for a separate sofa area including a small two-seater sofa and footstool. A desk has been incorporated for the TV and Xbox. A separate chair is shown in the design so that if the desk is ever needed for work this can be used. This area is zoned using a rug below to add to the cosy, relaxing atmosphere. A separate rug is used under the bed, separating the zones.

Guest BedRoom 1

This bedroom follows a really neutral, calming, relaxing colour scheme. The teal colour which has been taken through a lot of the interiors is again present in here, this creates a connection from room to room all the way through the home. Touches of grey and pink are also used in this interior for a harmonious look.

Oriental inspired statement cushions are used to add a nod towards the properties Victorian origin. The natural forms in these cushions are reflected in the textured wall art and curtains.

Guest Bedroom 2

This guest bedroom comprises of two single beds which again bring the teal colour into this interior. Neutral colours are blended with the teal and highlighted with pops of rust orange.

Contemporary wallpaper highlights the bed wall. Each bed has a statement, contemporary gold mirror above with it’s own matching gold table lamp and contemporary bedside table.

Guest Bedroom 3

This bedroom will be used when the grown-up daughter comes to stay but also as a guest bedroom in general. The client chose to have a simple mood board interior scheme put together rather than a full design.

This design incorporates some of the clients existing furnishings such as the fuchsia bed and drawer units. New furnishings have been chosen to blend with old; and décor/ accessories to compliment the bed colour. A contemporary green and pink wallpaper will create a statement behind the bed, these colours are pulled through the interior in the cushions and accessories.

Watch the video below to see how the interiors will be transformed!

Finishing interiors to be revealed summer 2023.

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