To transform the properties interiors to create a homely and cosy, family home beginning with the kitchen/ dining room and living room. The overall feel of the interiors should be contemporary, country chic but have elements of art deco design tying in with the chosen Soho Home sofa. The colour scheme should be neutral and pastel, beginning with Farrow & Ball’s All White and Vert de Terre, brightening up the interiors which currently feel quite dark. Wood cladding should line a lot of the walls for that farmhouse chic feel.

There should be lots of texture and natural elements such as boucle, tan leather and wood (in furnishings such as a live edge table) giving an earthy, relaxing feel to the interiors and blending with the properties wooden beams and country outlook. The interiors should have an effortless look to them- even though they will have been really well thought out. Brass details should be seen throughout the design in elements such as lights, kitchen tap, handles, dimmer switches etc. All lighting should be warm white and not LED.



The kitchen area has been transformed using Farrow & Ball’s ‘Vert de Terre’ paint and new, contemporary gold details such as the handles, tap and even art deco inspired tiles. Additional light has been added to the kitchen space with downlights under the wall units and decorative pendants above the island. In this design there are two gold, art deco style bar stool which match five dining chairs in the dining area.

Dining Area

The cluster pendant lights used over the kitchen island are also used over the dining table to really brighten up the area and create a more cosy, homely atmosphere. Alongside the five gold chairs there is a statement boucle chair at the end of the table and a built-in, tan leather bench along the wall adding the earthy, natural textures along with a jute rug below. The jute rug will be the exact same length as the live-edge table, which is long enough to cater for 11/12 people. Accessories in here include a gold statement clock and a look-alike window mirror, opposite the patio doors- reflecting more natural light around the space.

Lounge Area

The majority of the walls have been lined with wood cladding to create the ultimate country chic look throughout the living space, these are all shown in Farrow & Balls ‘All White’. Either side of the fire place is built in log storage as well as storage benches along the rest of the wall. There are tan leather seat cushions above glass storage cupboards. In this design these are shown in ‘Vert de Terre’ to match the kitchen units. There could also be four smaller shelves above each of these to display accessories and photos, either side of a stylish gold wall light. Two statement floor lamps either side of the room add even more light, brightening the room more whilst tying in with the wall lights. Finally, two glamorous, art deco inspired ceiling pendants will create huge statements in the living space.

A bespoke, tan leather footstool in the middle of the room matches the storage benches. Boucle cushions and tan leather cushions have been scattered throughout the living space in this design which match the boucle armchairs and footstools. Another jute rug in here adds further earthy textures and matches the dining area rug.


An important request from this client was to create a snug area where a projector could be used against a blank wall for cosy movie nights. This design shows how the whole of this area could be turned into a giant window seat, covered with cushions and throws and a large padded cushion the size of the space- creating a really cosy snug area. The window seat also has storage capacity below.

This huge landing space needed to be utilised better and further storage was required. The storage wardrobes shown here have been worked around the existing windows and shape of the ceiling. The wardrobes begin where the ceiling starts to slope and run to the end of the corridor for a sleek finish. Two full length, double wardrobes sit either side of a smaller cupboard with shelving above- this is so that the natural light can flow in from the Velux window above.

Overall, the landing ties in with the living area, with area’s of wall highlighted with wood cladding and earthy, neutral tones throughout.

Master Bedroom

This design began around the mustard bed which had already been ordered by this client. The natural, earthy vibe which is used throughout interiors in the rest of the property is continued in the master bedroom but combined with an edgier and quirkier elements for a different atmosphere.

Wood panelling creates a frame for the bed, with attached, built-in bedside tables with USB plugs, lamps and reading lights for a sleek finish.

The textiles chosen for the bed follow a very boho, almost Mediterranean style- using the boucle and natural colours used throughout the rest of the house but adding some quirkier patterns and rust red colours for a more unique finish. Layers of cushions and throws create a really luxurious and cosy feel.

This bedroom has a fabulous Juliet balcony with a gorgeous countryside outlook. The interior has been designed to really compliment this exterior.

The walls are going to be decorated with a lime wash effect wallpaper for a rustic, edgy look.  Natural linen curtains and a sheepskin rug add to this earthy, natural finish.

En Suite

The En Suite follows on from the bedroom design with the same wallpaper and a section of the ‘All White’ wood panelling, but follows a slightly darker, moodier concept with dark wood flooring, a dark painted vanity unit, black bath etc. The space has been totally reconfigured in this design, to house a large double vanity/ sink unit with loads of built in storage.

Family Bathroom

The family bathroom blends with the style of the rest of the interiors with elements such as the white wood cladding but also follows on from a little girls pink bedroom and therefore more pearlescent and pastel tones have been used for the design of this bathroom.

A new contemporary, roll-top bath has been chosen and positioned central to the window, along with a much larger shower. A bespoke double vanity unit will provide plenty of storage in here.

Rustic slate tiles have been used for the floor and along the walls; a more edgy, textured tile creates a statement in the shower and highlights a cubby hole for lotions etc.