Interior Design

Interior Design

This service includes a consultation and a client questionnaire, helping to develop a brief which I will work from. At this stage a budget will also be decided, and all design fees will be discussed with the client. From the brief  I will provide ideas and inspiration to the client and take on feedback- likes and dislikes. Subsequently visuals, technical plans, sample boards and presentation boards will be created and presented to the client followed by full specifications including contractors needed, costings of all materials required (furniture, décor, accessories, lighting etc) and links to each product. This service can be delivered alone for the client to conduct the completion of design or alongside project management. 


The price for the Interior Design service is dependant on the size of the interior you’d like designed. Interiors under 9 M2 are £250, interiors over 9 M2 are £300.

Small extra charges may occur for the purchase of samples, postage of samples etc.

If a client agrees to the Interior Design package but later decides to move to Project Management the fee already paid will be deducted from the amount owed and they will be invoiced for the outstanding amount. Please note a Project Management fee will be an additional 15% of the budget on top of the original  budget and there will be additional costs for contractors- not previously budgeted for.

Virtual Design

Innermost Interiors also offers a zero contact, Virtual Design service, perfect during the current pandemic.