Home Office


To transform a characterless box room (previously used for storage) into a welcoming, masculine, home office with a productive yet sophisticated atmosphere. The room is in a Georgian home and so needs to be in keeping with this era, but also have contemporary hints to suit the client.

Original Concept

‘The design of this office is based around a gentleman’s cigar bar theme; traditional wood panels, dark wood flooring and a dark green wall colour create this. An antique desk will sit under the window which suits the age of this Georgian house. The interior will be brightened with gold chrome and mustard accents which also add a contemporary touch. Botanical elements such as the wallpaper, faux plants and decorative cushion create a quirky, inspiring office space.’

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Vintage AA Car Garage Sign

The overall aesthetic has been so successful- a characterful, inviting space has been created with a purpose for work and productivity. The interior is masculine, with sophisticated hints through gold chrome; yet is softened by a fun wallpaper and vibrant, mustard curtains and armchair. A love for cars is expressed by the finishing touch- a vintage AA car garage sign. The client is very happy with the finished product!