Country Cottage Living Room


To create an inviting, warm and cosy living room space for relaxing and watching TV in the evenings and at weekends; with potential for seating/ entertaining 4-5 people comfortably. The overall look should be modern, country cottage with a slight feel of a cosy ski chalet without the alpine wood look. The property is an old farm house, originally built in 1850 therefore the living rooms character features such as beams and window seat as well as the log burner should be highlighted amongst new modern interior features. There’s no particular colour scheme that should be used however neutral and pastel colours are preferred and the colour purple should not be used. A new, 3- seater sofa has been purchased already for the living room and so the design needs to work around this looks wise and spatially. It would be good to be able to include a pouffe/footstool and another smaller sized sofa or cuddle chair. The idea of moving the TV above the log burner and installing a wooden hearth to absorb the heat from the fire below has been suggested to make more room for seating. The living room only has one window (set far back in the thick wall) meaning there is a lack of natural light- lighting options should be considered to create more light during the daytime and as well as evenings and colour choices shouldn’t darken the room further.


The concept of this design is based around a warm, neutral colour scheme mixed with tones of pastel blue, pink and sage green. The interior scheme incorporates modern, country cottage with farmhouse chic and industrial elements, bringing out the history of the property but making it fashionable and contemporary. Nature inspired hints are seen throughout this design such as natural wood furniture, fur throws, contemporary animal artwork and rough, linen textures- again for that contemporary, farmhouse chic look.


  • Overall, this design maximises the available space with additional seating.
  • The warm and cosy, modern, country cottage feel has been achived by mixing country elements such as the wallpaper, art and natural woods with more contemporary features like the lighting, pouffe and pastal colours.
  • Character features such as the log burner and window seat have been highlighted and made into focal points; the wooden beams are also very much encorporated into the design- blending with other natural wood features.
  • Lighting has been enhanced by reflecting natural light from the window with a large mirror, adding a five-bulb, adjustable ceiling light and three other lamp variations.
  • The preferred neutral colour scheme has been used throughout the design and encorporated with pastel tones.
  • The general finish has a slight feel of a cosy ski chalet with faux furs and natural woods and has an overall relaxing vibe for chilling out and watching TV etc.
  • This interior scheme will also cater really well if the house is to become a holiday rental in the future, there are no ‘fussy’, unpractical elements and the colour scheme is very neutral which will attract a larger target market when advertising the property.