Classic New-build

Transforming interiors of this new build home, combining contemporary style with traditional elements to create timeless, luxury designs.

Sitting Room Concept

The concept for this design is timeless and classic with hints of both traditional and contemporary design.

A contemporary, on-trend colour scheme of washed-out blues and rust/ brick reds has been chosen. This will be complimented with bold contrasting mustards, golds and navy blues.

The concept will create an opulent and luxury design with an overall relaxing atmosphere.

Sitting Room Design

A relaxing and tranquil atmosphere has been created with this design to give the sitting room the intended purpose of relaxing, reading, listening to music and watching TV.

A timeless, opulent look has been created for the living room with a mixture of traditional features such as the sofa/ chair styles, antique style mirrors and console tables and contemporary elements such as the colour scheme, artwork and rug.


Master Bedroom Concept

The design concept for the master bedroom at this property is to transform this blank canvas bedroom into a luxury, relaxing space. The bedroom is a large space with stunning views.

There is currently a super king bed, but all other furnishings need to be sourced for the design to make best use of the space available. A seating area should be created for relaxing.

The countryside outlook needs to be taken into consideration when designing this space. The overall style is going to be classic and timeless, tying in with the previous sitting room design.

The bedroom will be bright and airy with a relaxing atmosphere. Olga Polizzi’s designs in The Star hotel in Afriston have been used as the main inspiration of this interior.

Master Bedroom Design

Overall this design is hugely influenced by Olga Polizzi’s Star hotel through it’s classic style, cohesive colours, natural textures and contrasting patterns. This style has been combined with William Morris patterns and colours, using a Morris & CO cushion suggested by the client to inspire the bold colours and exotic patterns throughout the master bedroom interior design.

The existing bed has been made into the focal point of the room, with storage either side, and mirrors and lamps for more ambient lighting. A seating area/ reading corner has been created for relaxing. Finally, this design also ties in well with the previous sitting room interior with its classic, timeless style and colour scheme.

Finished Master Bedroom

Living Area Concept

The design concept for the living area has been created to produce the bright and airy atmosphere required for this space, it works with the previously designed interiors yet is very different and more contemporary for this open plan area.

Inspiration has been taken from the staircase in here, steel/ iron textures can be seen in some furnishings which is contrasted with wooden finishes bringing the outside in. The connection to the exterior has been a real focus when creating this design because of the stunning countryside setting and as there are so many windows and doors. Natural/ earthy linen textures and nature inspired forms, patterns and colours are all seen in this design concept. Similar to the other interiors, there are some traditional hints such as in the cushion patterns, contrasted against contemporary elements for a timeless look.

Living Area Design

The overall design will blend perfectly with the previously designed interiors using similar tones of rust red used in the sitting room, and tones of green and linen fabrics which are also used in the master bedroom; however the interior as a whole is very different from the previous rooms.

The style is timeless using hints to more traditional style in elements such as the green patterned cushions and skeleton clock; but overall the style is more contemporary.

The atmosphere will be relaxing, bright and airy and casual to be used for more of a daytime/ weeknight space.

Finished interior to be revealed in the near future.