Home Office


To transform a characterless box room (previously used for storage) into a welcoming, masculine, home office with a productive yet sophisticated atmosphere. The room is in a Georgian home and so needs to be in keeping with this era, but also have contemporary hints to suit the client.

Original Concept

‘The design of this office is based around a gentleman’s cigar bar theme; traditional wood panels, dark wood flooring and a dark green wall colour create this. An antique desk will sit under the window which suits the age of this Georgian house. The interior will be brightened with gold chrome and mustard accents which also add a contemporary touch. Botanical elements such as the wallpaper, faux plants and decorative cushion create a quirky, inspiring office space.’

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This project was completed entirely by me from wood panelling, curtain making, decor and furnishing. This helped me to progress my skills in DIY and decor; and saved the client money.

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Wood Panel Process

@the_girl_with_the_green_sofa from instagram inspired me during a talk at the Northern Quarters interiors exhibition to create my own wood panels using only strips of MDF. I began by measuring the walls and marking out where the panels would be. I bought the MDF from B&Q and had it cut into 10cm strips. I cut the strips to the right size in the room and used a ‘No more nails’ style glue and small nail tacks to keep the strips in place. Next I filled the gaps and sanded them smooth ready to paint. Before painting I used MDF primer so the paint would apply easier. The paint used is Farrow & Ball eggshell Dragon Song. Swipe to see the process of creating these beautiful wood panels!

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Door Detailing

The existing door was plain dark wood- not in keeping at all with this Georgian home. I added moulding and painted the door white egg shell to make it appear more premium and classic. The white also helped create a contrast with the dark green walls.


The chosen wallpaper (Goodhome Cornus Black & Gold Geo Design Metallic Pattern) is from B&Q and adds a really fun, vibrant element to the interior. The same paint colour from Farrow & Ball (Dragon Song) was used for the walls as the wood panels- but this time in emulsion.

The client was very sceptical of this dark green colour but was persuaded through visuals and is very pleased with the outcome.


This was my first time making curtains, but they turned out pretty well!

This fabric is called Rosario Curtain Fabric Lime from Terrys Fabrics. This luxurious, textured fabric gives the room a gorgeous pop of colour to tame the pattern and break up the dark green as well as adding warmth.

DIY Gold Shelves

I wanted gold shelves for this project but the cheapest I could find were around £400. Instead I purchased black IKEA shelving for £110 and used gold metal spray paint. This is how I visualised how they could look, creating a visual with some of the accessories.


The antique desk was bought online and was a perfect heritage addition to the room. It was polished up and the drawers were lined with spare wallpaper- giving it a new lease of life.


Final Before & After 

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Retailers to Note:

  • Many accessories and the coffee table were bought from Maisons Du Monde– currently one of my favourite retailers.
  • The desk lamp and matching ceiling light along with faux plants were from ikea. The shelving was also from Ikea, although has been altered.
  • The armchair was from Right Deals and is called Wroxton Accent Chair- Plush Mustard. 
  • The clock is from Flora Furniture & Mirrors.
  • Flooring is by Paul Fisher Flooring, Carlisle.

The project took around three weeks as I completed everything by hand. The overall aesthetic has been so successful- a characterful, inviting space has been created with a purpose for work and productivity. The interior is masculine, with sophisticated hints through gold chrome; yet is softened by a fun wallpaper and vibrant, mustard curtains and armchair. The client is very happy with the finished product!