What is Interior Design and Why Should you use an Interior Designer?

To some this may seem a strange question but I promise you it’s surprising how many times I’ve been asked things such as ‘so do you just choose the colours?’ or ‘do you do the décor?’. As Arch Daily explain this misconception ‘The choice of coverings, colors, and finishes is, in fact, one important aspect of interior design. But it is not its only characteristic.’ (Arch Daily, 2020) and after three years of studying I can confirm it’s whole lot more than that… so what actually is interior design?

You may not actually know your style, colour preferences or what the purpose of your interior should be and that’s what I’m here to help you with! The first stage of the process is to find out about you, your hobbies, professions, family life (if applicable) and lifestyle. In some ways we act as psychologists because actually interior design is much more about creating a feeling/atmosphere and functionality specific to you before we even get started on the actual look and style of the interior.

For example, you may be into fun and vibrant styles, but have a fast paced profession; in which case coming home to this could be overwhelming and we may come to the conclusion that actually your home needs a more relaxing and calming finish integrated with these styles.

The next stage is to discover your likes and dislikes, initial ideas for the space, preferred styles, and any other inspiration you’d like to share (Pinterest photos more than welcome!). Using this information I can create a brief and concept expressing different ideas and suggestions for you! The concept will be compilation of styles and things you love, personal touches, meaning, atmosphere and sometimes even the history of your property. Welcoming any alternative suggestions or changes at this point, we’ll proceed to the technical part!

One of the most important aspects of interior design is space planning, without it an interior cannot function correctly.

Anyone can decorate, but we’ve all been there and ordered a piece of furniture without checking measurements beforehand- ooops! As an interior designer I will create development sketches, experimenting with the layout and flow of the room until I come to the perfect arrangement. When choosing/ purchasing products on your behalf I use technical floorplans to make sure these pieces will fit in your interior and the space will function well.

However, before purchasing these products or sending you your specification, I will help you to visualise the exact look of the proposed interior.

This includes realistic visuals of the space, presentation boards including specific pieces and sample boards to allow you to see and feel the textures in person. These will be accompanied by a full specification of every product and finish I suggest for the design.

In some cases you may wish to take these technical drawings, presentation boards and product specification to complete the design yourself (I will provide a step-by-step guide) but I do also offer the stress-free option of full project management. As a project manager I’ll organise all contractors/ tradesmen, order all products and complete all final styling and finishing touches in your interior- ready to hand over for you to enjoy!

Overall, interior designers help you find your style, create an atmosphere and function specific to you, complete in depth research on your behalf, avoid any mishaps regarding over-sized furniture, and transform your interior without the stress! For more information please visit Innermost Interiors Services page.

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